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Youth Stewardship
These are actual responses from our Youth!

We wish to thank all the Children/Youth that are participating in our Parish Envelope Program. Keep up the good work. We are very proud of you!

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Kids Caring and Sharing
Things You've Done for God this Week!

Children's/Youth Envelopes
Children's/Youth Stewardship Envelopes are available in the Vestibule of the Church for those interested. Every week you can give something back to God. Here's what you've told us that you've been giving to Him:

I offered my prayers to God.
I pray every night.
I said grace before meals.

I helped my friend when he fell & got hurt.
I shared my stickers with a friend.
I helped my friend pick up the toys.

I take care of our neighbor's dog while they are out of town.
I help others.
I drew pictures for the sick.
I helped my neighbor in the yard.

I helped my teachers.
I helped another student in class.
I helped another student with homework.

I helped my Mom set up the linens for Mass and cleaned the Holy Water Fonts.
I helped conserve energy.

I helped my sister with her broken foot.
I helped my Mommy.
I have been nice to my sister/brother.
I was good.
I helped my Daddy.
I washed the dishes for my Mom.
I watched my little brother for my Mom.
I clean house for my Mom.
I pick up around the house.
I helped my Mom set the table.
I helped my Mom make dinner.
I helped take care of my Grandmother.
I did my laundry without being asked.
I called Grandma to say "I Love You."
I listen to my parents & take care of the dog.
I helped my Daddy.
I helped Daddy install new kitchen floor.
I cleaned my room without being asked.

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