Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Pastoral Care
Care of the Sick and Bereavement Ministries

This is one of the oldest ministries in the Church, dating back to the earliest times when those at Mass brought the Eucharist home with them to those unable to attend.

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Eucharistic Ministers
Here at Our Lady of Lourdes, over the years, the various priests and other Eucharistic Ministers have reached out to the sick, the elderly, the homebound, the dying, the bereaved and those who reside in nursing homes. This ministry is a powerful witness to God’s presence and a significant means of sharing God’s healing power. It is both a sign of hope and an intimate sharing of the good news.

In more recent years, with the drop in the number of active priests and the increasing participation of lay people in the Church, it has become possible to offer the Eucharist more regularly to those mentioned.

Generous volunteers from the parish have been trained and are now bringing Eucharist to those who are unable to join us for worship. They represent the parish and witness to the fact that as members of the Body of Christ, we truly serve one another.

If the Lord is calling you to respond, please call the Church Office at (205) 836-2274. Training will be provided.

Bereavement Ministry
Throughout the year many people in the parish lost members of their families through death. Parish volunteers prepared delicious meals for those families who wished to return to Our Lady of Lourdes after the burial or a food tray was taken to the home, if desired. This effort has been deeply appreciated.

Those who volunteer to assist in this ministry are persons who care and who are willing to share life’s struggle with others. They are sensitive, empathetic and compassionate as they journey with people in times of pain, loss and stress.

It is important to remember that these ministers are ordinary people, called to minister to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. They become "gift bearers" from parishioner to parishioner, distributing the Gifts of the Spirit each according to their need. This is a vital ministry to all those who serve in this capacity.

Your cooperation in letting us know when members of your family enter a hospital or need a home visit would be deeply appreciated. We do want to visit, but we need your help in providing us with the necessary information. This is all the more necessary now, as many hospitals are no longer willing to provide this information to the parishes.

If the Lord is calling you to respond, please call the Church Office at (205) 836-2274. Training will be provided.


Eucharistic Adoration
Spend time in the Prayer Room in the presence of the Lord.

Parish Prayer Pact
A non-binding promise to pray on a regular basis for the intentions of the pastor and parish.

Committee for the Poor
Dispense food once a week to the needy.

Helping Hands
Provide short-term help and support to individuals and families during difficult situations (shopping, transportation and meal preparation, funeral luncheons.

If the Lord is calling you to respond to any of these Other Pastoral Ministries, please call the Church Office at (205) 836-2274. Training will be provided.

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